The Last of Us PC Download & Emulator

The Last of Us PC Download and Emulator is an interactive survival horror a combination of dynamic action game with delicate touches of adventure. This title was by studio Naughty Dog, or the fathers of series such as Uncharted, Jak & Daxter and Crash Bandicoot.


The action takes place in the near future, 20 years after the mysterious plague decimated our civilization. Ghost Towns included the possession of plants and mutated victims and survivors of people fighting each other for food and weapons. The story revolves around two characters – having more than 40 years smuggler of weapons and drugs named Joel and Ellie’s teenage orphans – and focuses on their attempts to survive in this terrible reality. During most stages we take on the character of Joel, while his companion is directed by artificial intelligence. Ellie assists us in battle, as well as information about the impending danger, or even suggest sometimes the path we should follow.

What is The Last of Us PC Download & Emulator?

In the game world we will have to deal with multiple opponents, both ordinary people and victims of deadly fungal infection vapors. At our disposal we were given the opportunity to use firearms, with which you can kill an opponent even one of the goal. In addition, a weapon are also environmental elements such as brick or wooden table leg. In addition to fighting, the production also come across elements of adventure and puzzle using the abilities of both heroes. The game was also simplified crafting system that allows creating useful items from found materials during the game.

How does The Last of Us PC Download and Emulator work?

The Last of Us has an advanced artificial intelligence system named by the creators of the balance of forces. It makes enemies react dynamically to the constantly changing situation during the fight, hiding behind obstacles and wisely using numerical advantage over the player. They also realize with lethal force firearms and therefore become more cautious, we show that we have a pistol or a rifle. In addition to the single-player campaign authors also prepared an extensive multiplayer mode. They are available in the two types of gameplay: “The fight for stocks” and “Survivors”. This is what distinguishes them, the number of lives available in each round. During the “Fight for stocks” can die several times, while the “Survivors” play only the first death. Interesting variety is also the possibility of using the system known craft from the single-player mode. The game was created for a beefed up engine known for Uncharted 3. As a result, we enjoy eyes graphics at the highest level, rich in detail and very smooth, realistic character animations.

It’s The Last of Us PC Download and Emulator!

The Last of Us PC Download & Emulator